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Friday, March 25, 2005


Today, I went to Circuit City to return some crappy thing I bought on their site. I was next on line, and had a few people behind me, when some older guy (in his 50's) just walks up to the counter and stands there. Like there was no line!

Ok, maybe he didn't realize there was a line. Maybe he thought the line was for some other service. Iwas going to wait a few minutes, to see if the realized on his own. Then he looked back, and I thought "Ok, now he realizes." NOPE! He quickly, too quickly to be casual, turned back around as if he didn't see us. I said "He's not going to cut me. I'll knock him down first." (sometimes the Klingon in me takes charge) So, when the girl at the counter said called for the next person, I walked up to the counter before he could even move. He couldn't turn fast enough because he was trying to ignore the line.

He turned slightly, almost like he was going to try to say something. My elbow was ready, I was ready with my words, "The LINE is back there!" But, fortunately, I didn't have to say anything. The other girl called "next". He can cut off the next guy, but not me.

Moral of the story... Don't cut in line, the person you cut off might be Klingon, and he's itching for you to make a move.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate rude peeple too.

3/26/2005 3:27 AM


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