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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Starting..... NOW!

Ok, I finally decided to get started on this blog. I'll just post about this or that. So for my first REAL post...

Sin City is coming out on April 1st. It was a great graphic novel (comic book), both as a story as well as visually amazing. And the best part is, the movie will look like the book! So expect to see a movie that doesn't look like a movie. Now I'm not a big Mickey Rourke fan, and I haven't liked much of his work, but in this movie, he looks exactly like Marv, and I think he'll pull it off well.

So far, every actor is a very good choice, visually. Frank Miller as "Priest", not sure if that's the character's name, or what he is, but... whoa. As for how they act... we'll see April 1st. The women.. HOLY COW! They look awesome.


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