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Monday, November 21, 2005

Lost, on ABC

I friggin' LOVE this show! LOST

Here are a few items making the fansite rounds:

New Hanso Film? (Possible Spoiler) the logos of the various "Stations".
NOTE: Might be fake. There are a few films that have been "confirmed" as fakes.

Some upcoming episode spoilers.
Note: Not really MAJOR spoilers, but spoilers none-the-less.

ABC's Official "Lost" podcasts
Note: I've read there is a lot of extra info in these.

"Another set of numbers"?
Note: Ive seen two (maybe three) diffrent sets of "new numbers" floating around the sites.

Someone made a "wikipedia" themed site:

"Dr. Marvin Candle" might be the same doctor that checked in Hurley at the mental institution. (middle of page)
Note: He does look like him, older, but looks a lot like him.

The Teddy Bear
Carried by "The Others" is VERY similar to the one carried by the little boy.

Lastly, that it "wasn't Ana Lucia that shot Shannon" board
Could this be an editing issue?


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