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Monday, January 05, 2009

Pet Peeve #3

Watching TRYING to watch TV while someone talks and asks questions non-stop.

"Who's that? Why did he do that? You know that other show that guy is in? The one with the money? You don't know the show? You know the show. Remember? With the money. And the guy falls? It was on like a year ago. What's the name of that show? Oh, what's that girl's name? She's on that other show now. How can you not know her name? For real? You don't know her name? Are they doing a new show? I thought you knew. I remember you saying something about a new show. How can you not remember? You told me the other day. Oh, maybe that was someone else. Oh yeah, it was someone else. And it was about another show. On a different channel. Damn, I'm like retarded. Hey, wasn't that guy on the show last season? Oh wait, we're watching reruns. But it's a good show, right?"



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