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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dope Sick Love

I just saw this documentary entitled "Dope Sick Love", about two drug-addicted couples and how they go through life. Three things that I took note of:

1. One of the women says how drug addicts go through lots of money, but are always broke. SHe mentioned how she's made over $1200 in the last nine days, but "doesn't have enough to buy a pack of cigarettes". That's a lot of money, kind of like your average successful stock broker... another type of addict.

2. The same woman, picks up johns and "busts" them. After they give her money, she flashes a fake badge and says "You just gave money to an undercover officer." The johns are usually so scared, they don't realize 1) it's a MINATURE fake badge and 2) she LOOKS LIKE A CRACKHEAD. She then says "You wanna deal? Or, you wanna spend five grand going to court?", and proceeds to try to get a "donation for an orphanage the city is building". I'm surprised no one has caught on to her and beaten her.

3. One of the guys shoots up in a bathroom stall in some department store. When he's done, he cleans his needle with toilet water! TOILET WATER!! He rinses it out three or four times. Which reminded me of this one time, when I worked as a porter (cleaning man) at Penn Station. I saw a homeless guy washing his face with water, and rinsing his mouth from the water flowing down in the urinal. I said "Yo, just use the sink." The homeless guy responded "No, that's dirty. This is clean." Of course, I looked at him like he was crazy. He told me his reasoning. "You guys only clean the sink once, but you clean the urinals three or four times a shift." How can you argue with that reasoning? You don't, BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY!!!


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