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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Taste of Chinatown

OH, MAN! Am I glad I heard about this and decided to go. I wish I had posted about it so more people could have enjoyed it.

It's called "A Taste of Chinatown", and what it is is basically a street fair through most of the restaurant streets of Chinatown (Mott, Pell, Baxter, Mulberry Streets to name a few) and the restaurants sell samples of their cooking for $1 or $2 a plate, it's not a lot, but you can get to taste lots of different food, or the same food from different restaurants.

Between Vilz and I, we spent about $12 and stuffed ourselves there, AND had plenty for dinner. Mark this one in your calendars for next time. I know I'll be there next year.

Here are some pics:

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As you can see, it was really crowded, but not enough to stop me from getting to the food.

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Like I said $1 or $2 a sample plate.

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These fried dumplings were AMAZING.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get any bubble tea.

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I don't think we really stopped eating for more than 10 minutes at any point.

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This was the only INSANELY long line in the whole fair.

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And, it was for the "Peking Duck House". There was even a second line next to the long one FOR THE BONES!! People waited in line to get the carcasses to make soup, because their duck.. is.. so.. good.


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