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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Instant Heated/Iced Beverages

When I was in Florida about a month ago, I picked up one of Wolfgang Puck's Instant Hot Lattes at Target. It was ok, but what was interesting about it, was the fact that the can was "self-heating". You turned the can over, popped the bottom, pushed a button, and in about three minutes, you could open the top-side and drink a hot latte. And now I just saw this site about a new "instant cool can".

I had heard about this technology a LONG time ago (over 15 years ago). I'm wondering why I hadn't seen it yet. The problem was CFCs (chloroflor...... whatever... it's a "greenhouse gas"), that no one wants. Another type used a chemical, but if misused (ie. someone break it open to play with it), it caused damage to the environment. Well, they finally found a "somewhat" safe type to bring us into the future. Woo-Hoo!


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