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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Girls, get a Geek

I was talking with some friends about "Where are all the good guys hiding?" I said "They're right there, you're just overlooking them because you're busy checking out the good-looking guy with the six-pack abs and pecs."

SO many times I hear girls complain about some guy that did them wrong. Or, how some guy isn't what they thought he'd be. And, most of the time, the guy is the good-looking guy that bad boy all the girls want (isn't that a song?) I'm not saying every good-looking guy isn't worthwhile, nor am I saying that every nerd or "average joe" is exactly what every girl needs, but if you're looking for a nice guy, don't ONLY look at "cute guys". A lot of "cute guys" have already been snatched up, and you will be "the girl on the side".

A most nerds/geeks/etc.. are just WAITING (some are DYING) for a chance to have a girlfriend. And, many of them live by "the code" in what they read/watch in comic books, movies, TV shows, etc... They know cheating is wrong, you have to be honest, open doors, etc..

Again, this is not a "100% thing, I'm talking in general here. But I'd say a guy that reads Superman, and tries to live his life based on "Truth, Justice and the American Way", is way more likely to treat you right, than a "cute guy" who lots of girls are throwing themselves at.

Also, I like this one line about geeks: "Other women will tend not to steal them." That's a plus right there. hahaha

Just open yourself to the posibility.

This article, A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys, is about why, how and where to get a geek.


Blogger Thomas Siefert said...

You said it!
I was lucky that the girl of my dreams went for a geek :-)

1/30/2006 12:04 PM


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