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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Down at the "Plantation"

There's all this talk about Hillary Clinton's comment about the Republican-controlled White House "being run like a plantation". Whatever! But this, and the recent news about the kids who beat some homeless people with bats (even killing one man), brought back to my mind a little piece of territory in Florida called "Plantation".

Note: I read somewhere that these kids only beat up "black homeless people" who "mess up their town".

This is a town where a lot of eyebrows raised have been raised. There are a lot of the town's policies which have been called racist, daily life for blacks seems to include some type of unfair treatment, and black residents are "used to it".

A while back (Spring 2003), while on vacation in Florida (not in Plantation), I read this article, "Down on the Plantation" (from The New Times). I was surprised, shocked even. I thought it was a joke, or some parody newspaper (like The Onion). But no, these was for real. And it was a current issue, not from the 50's. Now! In the 21st Century! You have to read it.

Here are the three parts of the "Plantation" story by Bob Norman:
Down on the Plantation, pt 1
Down on the Plantation, pt 2
Down on the Plantation, pt 3

Hold on a sec, lemme check something.... yup, it IS the 21st Century. Wow. Just... wow.


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