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Sunday, February 08, 2009

NY Comic Con 2009


That is the word for this year's NY Comic Con. It simply did not disappoint! Okay, of course it can always be better, they could give cash at the door but... It was good.

On Saturday at the Watchmen Panel, they screened the first 18 minutes of the movie. EXCELLENT! THEN, they showed a scene from later on in the story that looked like it was literally ripped from the comic. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone so I'll try to code this for those who know...

"None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me." AMAZING SCENE!

I have NO doubt that the movie will not disappoint.

Costumes. Each year, fans always make that extra effort on their costumes that feels like they did it just for you. When you see the characters, you know that this isn't just a a bunch of people who love comics... this is THE COMIC CON! I don't think I've ever seen so many people get up for the costume contest as this year. I think there was over 200 people who got up on stage. It was awesome.

Giveaways. This is always an important component of comic conventions.

I always remember the two times DC gave away Green Lantern rings. I was so giddy, it was like I had been given an actual lantern corps ring. This year, I had been hoping for the various other lantern corps rings (yellow, red, blue, etc..), or at least one of them. Instead, they gave out Flash rings. Which was still AWESOME! This was, in my opinion, the best giveaway. Second best was a tie, between Wonder Woman tiaras (for the upcoming Wonder Woman animated movie) and Wolverine dog tags (for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game from Activision). Honorable mention to the "Friday the 13th" Jason hockey mask keychains.


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