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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Here are a couple of web sites that you may find of interest:

Amaztype: A visual keyword search of Amazon

Babelfish: Altavista's free online translation service

HopStop: Helps you to navigate public tarnsportation (currently, only NYC)

Newseum's Frontpages: The front pages from about 400 newspapers from 42 countries. Also, find links to newspaper sites at OnlineNewspapers.

The Onion: Like the news, but not.

Netflix: Rent DVDs online and receive/return through regular mail. Also, Blockbuster.

Google: Best search engine, plus has a lot of other services, such as Froogle and Google News

Yahoo: get an e-mail account, website, play games, look for a job, shop, see your horoscope, etc..

PayPal: Send/receive money, make auction payments, etc.. via e-mail. Share pictures online, like instant messaging.

MapQuest: Get driving directions. ALso, see Yahoo!Maps.

Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto): Create online albums you can share. An online dictionary, duh! There's a thesaurus as well. Also, try Buy/Sell stuff, get product reviews, make a customized gift registry, get FREE music. Get weather forecasts for your area, or any area.

Fandango: Buy movie tickets online, get reviews.

TVGuide: Your guide to television.

Snopes: Research urban legends, like that e-mail warning you just received.

HowStuffWorks: It's all about... um... how stuff works.

CitySearch: A guide to city living, dining, entertainment, music, events, etc..

ComingSoon: Information about upcoming movies. Also, see Greg's Previews.

WebMD: Health information. Shouldn't that be "illness information"? Book a flight/hotel/car, or just get travel ideas. Also, Orbitz, Travelocity and CheapTickets.

BabyCenter: LOTS of pregnancy/baby/child information and resources.


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