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Thursday, March 17, 2005

In the News..

A County District Attorney (so you already know it's something serious) wrote letters to 582 parents of truant students. 41% didn't show up! 241 parents missed the meeting! Even though there are legal consequences. Meaning, they can be held responsible, and can be jailed for a year. A YEAR!

Now I know a few will have great excuses, some will have good excuses, a lot will have barely acceptable excuses... BUT DAMN! When you look at the big picture, even if all 241 have great excuses... that's 41% who didn't show up! Sometimes even the best excuse isn't enough. If their children were held back a grade on attendance alone, they'd be up in arms. And, this just looks bad. 41%... FORTY-ONE PERCENT! The excuses don't matter at this point. That's unexcusable, as a group... as a community. It's hard being a parent, you have to go above and beyond. And this shows everyone else, that the parents either don't care, or are irresponsible themselves. That's bad. I'd feel bad, even if I was one of the parents that did show up.

That lso tells me that there's even more work for those children's teachers. That the parents aren't putting enough effort towards their children's education. Teachers need to get paid more.


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