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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


A friend of mine was moving today, and he asked me to rent a U-Haul truck for him. As the guy at the counter is reading off the usual items off the agreement, when I heard something that sounded weird. And, he said it quickly too.

guy: "tank is full... blah... blah.. fee... $2 per gallon..."
me: "what was that?"
guy: "Oh, that tank is full and we charge $2 per gallon to refuel."
me: "No, before that."
guy: "You mean the insurance?"
me: "No, something about refueling."
guy: "Yeah, it's $2 per gallon."
me: "You mentioned a 'refueling fee'?"
guy: "Oh, yes, there's a refueling fee."
me: "How much did you say it was?"
guy: "It's a $20 refueling fee plus $2 per gallon."
me: "What if it's only short a 2 or 3 gallons?"
guy: "It's a $20 refueling fee plus $2 per gallon."
me: "So it'd be $24?"
guy: "Yes. So make sure to fill up before you bring it in."
me: "Yes... I definitely will."

Twenty dollars! On top of the gas! TWENTY DOLLARS! TWENTY DOLLARS!! Thieves! And it's right on the agreement, like it's a normal everyday thing.


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