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Friday, April 15, 2005

Movie Review: "The Woodsman"

I love to watch movies. I hate having to pay to see a movie, but I love to watch them. I hate paying mostly because I hate paying to see crappy movies. I signed up to Netflix, unlimited rentals per month (though no more than three-at-a-time), and there are tons of great movies, new and old.

Last night, I saw "The Woodsman" with Kevin Bacon. AWESOME movie. The "crap quotient" was at zero. Once again, Kevein Bacon kicks ass in a movie. AND, Mos Def was in it, what! Mos Def is a great supporting actor. He takes a small role, and owns it. Also appearing, in small, vital roles are: David Allen Grier, Eve and Benjamin Bratt.

The movie is about a convicted child molester, who's been released after serving 12 years in prison, and is trying to restart his life. Some people think the movie is attempting to humanize child molesters, but I don't think it's trying to go that far. Rather, I think it exposes the "monster" in everyone (society). I don't need a movie showing me a "bad guy" and make me want to hate him more. Here, you get to see the inner workings of a "bad guy" who's trying to straighten out his life, while almost everyone around him is telling him that he can't. It's definitely a good film, and a "must see".

Now, instinctually, I think I might freak out if a child molester lived in my neighborhood (I have two kids), but, intellectually... I'd like to give someone a second chance, an opportunity to redeem themself, and become a better person, or at least a "normal person". I think any other movie would have just demonized the molester and left him as a "bad guy", but this movie shows you a case on the other side of the spectrum, and gives you something to think about.

Things to think about in regards to this movie:
  • How does one become an outcast?
  • "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."
  • Who is the real monster?
  • What is "normal"?
  • Is redemption/forgiveness possible?
  • How far is "too far"? And, can you come back?
  • Who is the real "hero" in this movie?
Also, look for the "symbology"*.
* I love "Boondock Saints" (review coming soon)


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