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Friday, April 01, 2005

"You're not human"

Today after my last class, I was feeling TIRED, wiped-out, stressed, like I could pass out at any moment. My students had me beat. So I went downstairs to get a large cup of coffee. It did nothing for me. I took a walk in the brisk air, thinking that that would wake me up. Nope.

So I went by the fraternity office to hang out for a few. While I was there, I saw this rolled up vinyl shade, and thought "This would be great to smack someone with."

So I asked on of my brothers, Moby, to hit me across the back with it. Yeah, sounds stupid, but it works. He hit me twice, and for the third he really took a good swing. I felt MUCH better.

So I asked Moby if he wanted to try it, he said ok. What was that for? When I hit him, his face controted like a cartoon character. He jumped up and ran screaming, "Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Oh my God, that hurt!"

I maybe the "old guy" around the actives, and I'm probably not even half the man I was "back in the day"; but I can take a hit and whip ass better than 90% of anyone around. And I'm only 57! j/k


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