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Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Hyperspace and a Theory of Everything”

Although sometimes he may look like Japanese orchestra conductor, Michio Kaku is a Physics professor at CCNY. I took a "300-level physics" course with him. Sounds impressive? Yeah, I know. But the course was "The Physics of Science Fiction". A perfect class for the sci-fi geek. Not math, just theory. But we covered, and went into, some real advanced science. And I'm not talking about the only sci-fi stuff. We attempted to explain all that sci-fi technology using modern ideas of science.

Questions like, "What does it take to create a phaser, like on Star Trek?" "How about the transporters?" "What would you need to create a light saber, like in Star Wars?" "Is faster-than-light travel possible?"

We also went through the basics of building a nuclear reactor. (There was one guy we were sure was a terrorist, because he slept through most of the semester, except for the nuclear reactor talk.)

Here's an article he wrote entitled “Hyperspace and a Theory of Everything”, attempting to explain it to us "knuckledraggers".


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