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Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Toys!!

While shopping at Target, I saw that Mattel had just came out with a bunch of new Justice League Unlimited sets. They're three-pack sets, and I was really psyched about three of them: a Green Lanterns set (with John Stewart, Tomar-Re and Kilowog), a Villians set (with Copperhead, green & purple Lex Luthor and Mirror Master) and.... a JUSTICE LORDS set (with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) woo-hoo! Here's a look: The Justice Lords.

There are three other sets, but I wasn't so psyched about those. The new figures in those sets are: Dr. Light (the female one), Aquaman (with a cape/cloak), and Vixen. I'd buy them as separate figures.

Plus I'm still on the look out for: Wildcat, Steel, Black Canary, Killer Croc and ESPECIALLY, Batgirl. If you see it, hook it up!


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