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Monday, February 27, 2006

The New York Comic-Con

The New York Comic-Con...

"The best comic convention ever has come back to New York City" is how it was billed. Well, it was more anticipated than anyone... well, anticipated. And, remembering back to those days... I was very excited. And I told everyone that told me they were going, the same thing I always say "Saturday will be the crazy day."

Friday, it was good. I brought my kids, we walked around, saw a lot of things, picked up some swag, saw a few fans in costume... a good day. So good, in fact, that I said to myself "If there's this many people here today, and it's going this well, tomorrow will be insane." I got to see the first 10 minutes or so of the Ultimate Avengers DVD, but had to leave as my son was crying because the Hulk scared him. (Once he saw Dr. Banner, he knew the Hulk wouldn't be too far behind.)

Saturday, my friend (Tinman) got there early to get tickets for the Milla Jovovich signing, but after a while realized he wasn't going to get one. He said "There were too many desperate virgin fanboys ahead of me." I said, "But you're one of them." He replied "Yeah, but I'd be deperate virgin fanboy #800!" hahaha (Tinman, you're too much.) So, lucky for us, he jumped on the ticket-holders line, and we were about 300th on line. Behind us.... HOLY BAT-SHYT! There were literally about a thousand people waiting to get in. The line snaked around the wall from the entrance to the main convention area, around the corner, down a hall, back up, down the hall, around another open area, back down the hall almost to the north end of the center, BACK down towards the south end, AND BACK to the north end AGAIN! And... that was just the TICKET HOLDERS line. There was still another HUGE line to buy tickets.

Thank God I had bought my ticket online, AND Tinman got on the line early, AND I didn't bring the kids on Saturday.

Yes, they oversold the show. WAY oversold it.

After picking up some more stuff, we headed over to a few panels.

** Shout out to Viz Media for giving out tote bags and HUGE plastic shopping bags, as well as TONS of DVDs and books. **

At this point, around 1:30pm, security stopped letting people into the main convention area, because the Fire Marshall had declared that they were over the legal occupancy limit. And there were only about 400 people who wanted to get in. They also stopped selling tickets, as they JUST realized they had almost "double oversold the event" (as one staffer told put it).

At the panels, DC people talked about their books, mainly about the Crisis, "One Year Later" and "52". They threw out a few hints about stuff, such as:

- The Flash "might not be who you think he is"?
- something about Batman being different after the Crisis.
- Wonder Woman (isn't he gone/dead/written off?)

From Marvel:

- A new look for Thanos?
- Civil War
- Spiderman's new costume... "But why do we see him in his regular costume in some 'Civil War' posters?" "Keep reading."
- "Who is that holding Thor's Hammer? Is that Thor's hammer?"

And there was lots more.

I'll post some pics soon.


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