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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Texas Hate-Crime

I was alerted to this story by my friend, TeethWriter of WordofthePeople fame.

ABC News: Texas Teens Won't Face Hate-Crime Charges

WTF!?! These two kids, decided to beat, sodomize and torture some other kid because they thought he tried to kiss some girl!

The attackers are both white, have swastika tattoos, are thought to be part of a local skinhead gang, were yelling racial epitaths at the victim throughout the entire incident, burned him with cigarettes, tried to carve a swastika on the victim's chest, and left him for dead... but they won't face hate-crime charges. WTF IS THAT SHYT!?!

Even if it won't change the out verdict or sentencing, it still needs to be thrown in there. It needs to be added, if only to send a message against hate-crimes. Those charges MUST be re-instated! This is crazy.

And check this out... After beating and sodomizing the kid, they kicked him with steel-toed boots, KICKED THE PIPE IN FURTHER, causing massive injuries to his organs, and POUR BLEECH INTO THE PIPE!!!

These aren't kids, they're savage animals. That shyt cannot be "unlearned". FUK DAT! They need to be put down.

If they're sent to prison, these two need to "accidentally" be put in the general population of the Latino section for a day or two.

UPDATE: I just found out that one of the attackers (Tuck) was involved in another hate-crime attack on a 50 year old man three years ago, and regularly displayed his swastika flag on such days as Martin Luthor King Day. This was a bomb waiting to go off.


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