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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Pet Peeve

One of my pet pevees is when someone leaves you a message, and they just go on and on repeating the same thing over and over. Here's a transcript of the message:
(name and numbers changed to protect whatever innocence is left.)

"Hello, Gerk? This is James. Is this Gerk? Kenny? Is this the right number? five five five... four four... five five? I mean, two one two... five five five... four four... five five? Gerk? Ken? Kenny? This is James... from Astoria. Kenny? Gerk. Hey. I'm just calling to get a number from you. Is this you? Gerk? Hello? Kenny? Gerk? So yeah, Gerk.. Is this you? Anyway call me when you get this. My number is sevenoneeightfivefivefivetwothreetwofive. Call me when you get this. This is Gerk, right? I hope I have the right number. Ken? Gerk... from Astoria? Kenny? I hope I got this number right. Gerk. Ken. Kenny... Gerk. I think this is the right number. Hello? Gerk? Anyway, if this is you, call me when you get this. Okay? Kenny? I mean, Gerk. Okay? Call me."

By the end of the message, I wondered what I had done that God would punish me so.

And, if you notice when he left his number he talked faster than that fast-talking guy on TV. I had to play the message four times to get the number! He says it ONCE, and FAST, but my name.. that he HAS to say at least a thousand times.


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