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Friday, June 09, 2006


It may not be "right" or PC to categorize people, but it is a normal thing we, as humans, do. We make as many categories as we find we need to.

Black, White, Asian, Latino, Tall, Short, Ghetto, Professional, Gay, Straight, Friend, Superior, Follower, Virgin, Slut, Butch, Pansy, Macho, Wimp, Crazy, Dependable, Mean, Freaky, Immature, etc...

And the categories aren't always so perfect, we always have someone or something that doesn't quite seem to fall into one category or another.

Today, I just came across a "new" category for sexual preference. I got dragged into "BingBox", another one of those "profile" sites (like MySpace, Xanga, MiGente, etc..), and they have for sexual preference their categories were:

- Hetero
- Holebi
- I don't know (yet)

Okay, "hetero" and "I don't know (yet)", whatever... But "holebi"?

They lumped homo, lesbian and bisexual all into one group with a new made up word! I've heard of other words used to name a group, like "BILAGA" (Biseual Lesbian And Gay Alliance), but that was the name of the group, not a category of the type of people.

And what about transexual and transgendered, they get left out? Will the category change to "holebitra"?

The lines get blurred more and more everyday.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...


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