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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Lizzies Won!

The winning teams from last night's "Warriors Scavenger Hunt" were (in reverse order):

3. Turnbull AC's
2. The Punks

1. The Lizzies

The Lizzies were a group of girls from the Gamma Nu Delta sorority at CCNY. They told me that a few teams kept talking shyt to them, and those teams didn't even make it to the top three. They JUST barely beat out The Punks by THREE POINTS!

Note: I pat myself on the back here for telling Tsunami (another Warriors fan) about the movie and hunt, who organized some of her sorority sisters to form The Lizzies.
pat.. pat.. ow! almost broke my arm there.

It was a hard it was a foot race with some train riding (of course) on THE hottest day of the year. Yesterday's temperature was a record high of 100 degrees, with a heat index of over 115 degrees!

One team (The High Hats) was disqualified when one of it's members got sick and couldn't continue the race.

But amazingly, all the other teams finished the hunt.

Afterwards, right before the screening, all the teams had to perform a rap. I think the Lizzies clinched it with their rap/dance. The Savage Huns were pretty good too. But I think it came down to lyrics. It was all great. The Lizzies won "Warrior" vests, posters, hats etc.. AND.. a sit-down brunch with the stars! How bad-ass is that!?

Most of The Warriors were there: Swan, Mercy, The Fox, Cowboy, Cochise, Cleon, Snow, Vermin. As well as Cyrus. They answered questions after the screening.

Two of the actors work as police, two work for the MTA, and Roger Hill works for the NY Public Library!

I wish I had stayed and gotten some swag. They gave out hats and posters. But one of my fat-boy friends, Pugsley, wanted to "beat the rush" to Nathan's to GET A HOT DOG! Yes, he said "beat the rush". Swet Christmas.

Anyway, thanks to Netflix, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, The Warriors and all the gangs of the 70's who inspired the movie. And a big congrats to The Lizzies (GND) for winning.


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