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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


How am I NOT going to blog about this movie?




Okay, before the movie, I was feeling the hype. Who wasn't? I tried to dodge any spoilers and reviews from anyone who saw it. I liked the idea of the whole secrecy surrounding the plot, story, the monster, etc... Using the "secret project" codename was smart (in my opinion), as it took advantage of all the hype.

After I saw it, I must say, I still liked it. It was a different experience from a normal movie. The whole "handcam" view was shaky, but kinda cool and "real". The premise is that this was recovered footage from one camera's recording.

There were a lot of negative comments by people in the theater around me. Such as this one guy who (many times) during the last half of the movie, couldn't stop saying that he thought it sucked. (Thanks, I heard you the first 5-6 times.)

There is talk of a sequel, featuring footage from other recovered cameras. Which I think would be cool for DVD extras, but I'm not sure how it would work as a separate movie.


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