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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I love to know things. I love the Internet because you can spend HOURS and HOURS (literally) and learn something. Yes, most times, the information may be trivial, but sometimes, it's VERY useful. Even the public library pales in comparison.

You can get news from around the world, information on almost any topic (specific or general), personal opinions and insights via blogs, music and videos for entertainment and education, information on other peoples and cultures, new cooking recipes, instructions on so many subjects, ideas and inspirations are a plenty... What can't you get?

I believe people should always learn new things.

But, that said, I think too many people abuse their knowledge. They believe that the knowledge they have somehow grants them some authority or license to do things.

For example, just because you're a doctor, don't think you can cut in line ahead of everyone else. Yes, your professional time may be valuable, your personal time is just as valuable as anyone else's.

Or, because you're a scientist doesn't mean you have some authority over life, such as these researchers who found the OLDEST living thing on Earth, then killed it. Okay, maybe they didn't realize what they had in their possession, but they did it. And it happens on a regular basis.

How about when you go to the hospital with a fever and cough, and the doctor immediately knows what you have (he's seen it a million times) and prescribes you an antihistamine and bed rest, but turns out that was the absolutely wrong thing you needed. Turns out you had a staph infection, and now you're dead. So sorry.

When someone decides he knows better than proven, safe, time-tested procedures, you have a excellent opportunity for a problem. When someone decides that he can do whatever he wants in the name of science, you have an excellent opportunity for abuse.

Knowledge and power are two things that can be easily abused. And the problem is that it's EASY to allow yourself to abuse them. So, please... next time you think you either know better than someone else, or, that you're above someone else, think again, because your places could easily be reversed.


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