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Friday, September 07, 2007


This video is amazing! Okay, maybe it's "just" the Aurora Borealis, but it's what else is there that's cool.

First, you watch the atmosphere-level, just watch the aurora. Very nice. The way the gases move and fluctuate. The dance of the lights... beautiful.

Then, watch the stars and observe the universe-level. You can see how some stars move faster than others. You get a feel of the vastness of it all. The depth of the universe we live in.

Then, watch the action on the planet-level, the streets and the near sky. The movement of the cars, air traffic and maybe a streaking meteorite perhaps.

Then you look at the little zig-zagging objects that seem to light up near the camera. Might be a bug that's illuminated by a nearby light, or maybe it's some fast-moving air-traffic following some weird flight plan.

Very nice video on all different levels. You can get a sense of the "greatness of it all". There's so much beauty to see if you just sit down and allow it to "happen".


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