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Monday, September 10, 2007

Oops, she did it AGAIN!!

Damn. What the hell is wrong with Britney? What the hell is wrong with her people?

She was horrible at the 2007 MTV VMAs! HORRIBLE!

BRITNEY'S PEOPLE... Why did you let her go up there? Her lip-syncing was bad, very bad. Her dance moves... damn! They reminded me of that bad crack-addled performance by Whitney Houston. Her appearance was bad. She wasn't ready to up there yet. She still had flab, and a big gut (for "sexy" Britney). WHY!?! Why did they let her go up there like that?

Britney, you can't party every night for a week straight before a HUGE comeback performance! You were supposed to be on-point! That was a sad, weak showing. You knew people would be watching. Why would you do that? People in the audience, your PEERS, were laughing and making jokes.

Go ahead, see it for yourself:

NOTE TO BRITNEY... GO TO REHAB! For your kids! For your career! For your fans! For yourself! For the Love of God! Just GO!

UPDATE: Here are a few links in case one goes down (like the one above did within an hour of posting):
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