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Sunday, November 11, 2007

This was ALMOST my first

When I was young (around 16 or so), I saw a computer system at the local discount store. It was the Aquarius system. I now know it's a Mattel product, but back then, it was just some crappy computer system that came with crappy games and programs, but one that I had to have.

This guy is selling an Aquarius system. He's actually selling his gigantic video game collection (various systems and games) that he's amassed over the years. But he wants $145 for just five basic parts! This guy must be crazy!

When I saw it waaaay back when, it was $99 for the basic system, something like 15 games, about 15 applications, diskettes, a microphone and other stuff. I remember realizing I'd need a shopping cart to buy it.

I didn't buy it then, because $99 was A LOT of money for me. Plus the fact that I didn't have $99. Plus... it was crap! (but I still wanted it.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are ever in the San Jose, California area, you should go to the Computer Museum there. I thought it would be weird and geeky, and it was! It was in a good way, to see all the relics of computers, do you remember the Texas Instrument Sinclair, really shows how far we've come as a computing world.


11/21/2007 11:13 PM


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