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Monday, April 28, 2008

Three great deals

This weekend I found three great deals.

The first was a pirate sword found at Toys R' Us. It was actually picked up by my son, who said he liked it. We scanned it for a price... ONE CENT! Yes, ONE red cent!

The second was a Magellan Maestro 3250 at Costco for only $150! (after a $50 instant rebate)

This GPS has brought me a step closer to a new hobby, geocaching. I've read about it, and now I get to try my hand at it. I searched for one on Sunday, but kept missing the coordinates. I'm still getting used to it. But, I will get it next time.

And the third is the Nerf Maverick at Wal-Mart. A sweet deal at only $7.99. It's a six shot revolver. A NERF REVOLVER!! I already found a bunch of modifications you can make to it. People love this thing... AND SO DO I! You should get yourself one. It's fun just to hold.


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