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Monday, September 22, 2008


I was checking my email on Yahoo, when I saw a link to an article about Racism in America. The article discusses how people of different races consider the issue. White Americans think racism has almost died off, whereas Black Americans (yes, I said "Black Americans", deal with it) believe that racism is still alive and well. And there's a link to another article on race and the elections. But I kept going back to the image that was posted for the link on Yahoo.

I like the composition of the photo, white woman, black woman, back to back, American flag in the background, they almost seem like mirror images of each other... I think it fits the article nicely. But what really struck me about the image, is that the two women, while "opposites", on "different sides of the fence" and seeming "at odds"... are both beautiful, attractive women.

WHO CARES WHAT RACE THEY ARE? Seriously, if you see a good looking woman and her race (and her race alone) makes you say "Nah, she's not all that." then you got issues.


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