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Monday, April 11, 2005

Why SkyNet wants to kill us.

Ever wonder why in so many movies, computers, artificial intelligence (AI), machines, etc.. want to take over the world and either kill or enslave humans?

It's because the majority of us don't take care of our electronics/computer stuff!

I had one friend who bought a computer, and in about 4 months, it was barely working. Why? From the first (maybe second) day he bought it, he downloaded a filesharing program and started downloading. And never stopped! His PC was loaded with viruses and spyware and lots of other crazy stuff. He'd burn stuff to cd's to clear up hard drive space, but never stopped the downloads.

Another friend's computer looked more like a science project than a computer. It was filthy! He'd often drop food and stuff on his keyboard and case, but never cleaned up. If it acted up, he'd kick the case or smack the keyboard. If his mouse was dirty and acted up, he'd slam it on the desk. He never used a surge protector either.

Another friend recently complained that his PC was acting funny, it would shut down or get stuck. I told him that I'd come by one day to check it out. Well, I was helping him move the other day. As I was setting up his computer, I was about to start plugging things in, when I saw what looked like a mouse pushed up againts the airholes in the back. It wasn't a mouse, just a huge dustball. I opened the case.. Holy Moley! There was a lot of dust. It took me a while to get almost all of the dust out. Another friend present said, "Don't get blacklung!" I laughed, though it was a possiblity.

Take care of your stuff, one day that neglected PC might turn around and put a chain on your leg.


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