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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gone in under 60 seconds

Yesterday, I was walking to my building, when I saw a car that hadn't moved for alternate side of the street cleaning. When suddenly a DOT tow truck pulled up in front of it. As it was reversing, it was dropping it's tow bar, and pushing it under the front tires.

The alarm goes off.

The tow driver got out, went to try to open the doors, saw they were locked, then pulled out a square, white object from his pocket. He jammed it at the top of the front, driver-side door, and opened the door! I know I saw him try the door, and it was locked, so what was that? Some new type of jimmy?

Anyway, so he reaches in, does something, the alarm cuts off, but goes off again a second later. He seems to say "f#@& it!", closes the door, gets in his truck, and drives off with car in tow.

Now, you might say "So? That happens all the time.", but this all happened in under 30 seconds! I've heard that thieves can steal a car in under 60 seconds, but this guy drove up, picked up the car, took time to open the door and turn off the alarm, and drove off in UNDER 30 seconds!

My first thought was that this was a learned "survival" skill? Avoiding angry car owners by towing cars faster and more efficiently. I mean, if the owner had seen the truck pull up from his window and ran down at that exact second, he still wouldn't have caught up to him.

It was just SO quick.


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