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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Captain America or Captain Am-I-Rican?

There's a new Captain America in the pages of comic books these days. Steve Rogers died in the recent "Civil War" storyline (don't worry guys, he'll be back), and now there's a new replacement.



And, it's Cap's old sidekick, Bucky. Or, has he's been known recently, The Winter Soldier. He's a bit more of a soldier... carries a gun, shoots people, harder, rougher, and... "shinier"?

There's a bunch of Internet talk about the new costume. The main concern is that it looks like the Puerto Rican flag on his chest instead of Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes.

I like Bucky. I like the Winter Soldier. But "leaner, meaner Bucky" as Cap? I'm not sure. Let's see how it plays out. I mean, you KNOW they have to bring back Steve Rogers. And they will. Somehow.


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