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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Time is going by really really really really slowly."

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, you really really really really should not do it again. Maybe it's a sign.

I personally don't use drugs, but I know some people who "indulge" in that pass-time. And many of them have freaked out more than once during their "recreational career". And I still get amazed when they realize how stupid they seemed, or how bad they freaked out, and STILL keep using.

"Remember that time I thought my eyes were bleeding? And I wanted to pour alcohol directly in my eyes? That was freaky. I really could have blinded myself. I hope that never happens again. Alrighty, I finished rolling this fatty. Let's spark this shyzz up!"

Honestly, I can understand someone thinking that first time was a fluke. But when you've freaked out at least five or six times... It's time to try something different.


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