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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Comics and Politics

Elections are just FOUR days away! And as an avid comic book guy, I can tell you that the comic book industry is involved like NEVER before.

CBR has a page about some of the more interesting examples. It's entitled "Nerdarchy in the U.S.A." I have to admit that Obama is really made to look good, while McCain is generally portrayed as "old creepy guy". But as usual, comic book art tends to reflect the perceptions of the general public. Regardless, they're dope.

Is it the artists picking up the general public's thoughts, or the general public being influenced by the artists? I don't know. But dammit if it don't just feel right.

Before the elections started, I told one friend (AYCE) that I truly respected McCain, for what he went through as a P.O.W., for what he represents, for what he can be. I also added that I was afraid of what he'd become during his run for the presidency. And sure enough, here's McCain, in the last few days of his campaign, acting like a jerk. If he had just maintained his integrity, if he hadn't fallen into the usual "dirty politics", if he had run as a "good, American soldier"... I would have had a really hard time choosing between him and Obama.

But Obama is, in my opinion, the best hope for America. McCain has shown that he's just going to be "W's successor". He's not going to be a "maverick". Obama, and even Palin, have shown they're mavericks. Except that Palin is a joke. But I truly think that someday, she could become a viable Vice-President. But McCain... I'm sorry, he's become "creepy old guy".


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