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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Totally F'ed Up

How messed up is this situation?

This guy (Michael Shergold) in England receives a phone call from his local Social Services office to learn the following:

a) he had gotten an ex-girlfriend pregnant.
b) he has a five year-old son.
c) the ex-girlfriend gave up the baby for adoption.
d) the boy is with a foster family.
e) they're just about to finalize their adoption of his son.
f) he cannot step in to claim any parental rights.
g) he is forbidden to see, much less have any relationship with, the child.
h) the child has a life-threatening illness and requires a new organ.

And all of this ends with the following line:

"Since you're a blood relative, and would naturally be a perfect match, could you donate an organ to save his life?"

OH! MY! GOD! That takes GREAT BIG BALLS OF STEEL! I mean, either the caller has no heart, is a total idiot, or lost the coin toss to figure out who'd make the call. If I was Michael, I would hunt down the jerk that made the call. If I was the caller, I would pray HARD that he never finds out who I am. Just making that call would earn you an ass-kicking! At the very least!

But again, is that not one F'ED UP situation?


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