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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Opus' final opus

Today, Berkeley Breathed published the last episode of "Opus".

For those who don't know, Breathed is the creator of Bloom County (which borrowed heavily from Doonesbury), Outland and Opus. Which were all great social and political commentaries.

"Opus" ended with the main character, locked up in an animal shelter, realizing his time had come and he was going off to his "final goodnight". Note: In August 2008, Opus was "contacted" by the creator (Breathed) to say his "circle of life" would soon be closing.

The last few strips, featured Steve Dallas (another Bloom County character), looking for Opus, to keep him from "going away" to his "final paradise".

Breathed's final Opus strip shows Steve Dallas finding where Opus had gone, and seemingly being happy with it. It also featured a link at the Humane Society (which Breathed supports) to you had to visit to see the final panel.

It was a very nicely done ending, and reminded me of a few other memorable comic strip endings. Such as Calvin and Hobbes (ending) and Peanuts (ending).

Goodnight, buddy.


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