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Monday, November 03, 2008

Same ol' election tricks

Since election time is here, it's also time for the usual dirty tricks again.

"Republicans on Tuesday, Democrats on Wednesday", that one is almost funny.

Two women in New Mexico have been threatened by a private investigator with deportation.... even though they're both U.S. citizens! The investigator was hired by a New Mexico GOP lawyer, and (of course) he's denying everything. In some places, fliers have been posted that warn that one could be arrested when they vote if they have outstanding parking tickets they will be arrested.

Defective voting machines, long lines, last-minute polling location changes, flashing police car lights, construction detours, etc.. You name it, it's being done.

If it wasn't so illegal, so unethical, so immoral, so wrong... it'd probably be funny.

"HAHA, I tricked someone out of their right to vote." Those are probably the same people who take lunch money from mentally retarded kids... and enjoy every minute of it.

"I'll scare them with threats of being arrested." Yeah, sure "if you didn't do anything wrong, you shouldn't be afraid." SOUNDS logical. But then why is the average law-abiding citizen afraid of an IRS audit? Just thinking about one, makes your butt pucker, right?

"We'll make sure the lines in that neighborhood is extra long, so they'll get fed up and go home without voting." These are the some of the same people who preach about what's right and look down their noses at people.

Tampering with elections is a crime. Just because one isn't caught and arrested doesn't mean what they did is okay. He's like a thief who hasn't been caught yet. In the end, is that how you want to win an election?


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