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Monday, February 26, 2007

New York Comic Con 2007

So this past weekend I went to the New York Comic Con 2007 (NYCC2007), and I had a great time. WAY bigger space than last year, and that was a good thing because there were WAY more people too.

Here are my pictures: NYCC2007

Here are a other pics I found around the internet:

CBR's Photo Parade, Day 1
CBR's Photo Parade, Day 2
(more about the con, by CBR)

gsik's set (Flickr)
demetri.. thinking out loud's (Flickr)
Fifth Element's (Flickr)
edwick's (Flickr)
Ifurita Oni's (Flickr)
Ron Hogan's (Flickr)
kangolLove's (Flickr)

I'll update as I find more.


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