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Monday, November 27, 2006

New DigiCam

I have a new digicam! The Kodak c743 Not too excited about it though...

Some pros and cons:

+ I can't complain about the price, $150 (after that good instant-rebate action).
- feels a bit clumsy. It has a dial/knob on top.
+ 7.1 Megapixels
- feels... light and "weak"
+ comes with rechargeable batteries
- takes almost 3 seconds to start up.
+ I can substitute two regular AA batteries.
- takes 3.5 seconds to "get ready" for the next picture.
+ has a slot of an SD card.
- didn't come with a card (even a small one)
+ easy to use
- you have to press the button "all the way down" to take a pic.
+ has "scene modes"
- the recharger doesn't come with a cord, so it blocks other sockets.
+ picture quality is pretty good
- the battery door is a bit clumsy, and I can see it breaking someday.
+ the Kodak desktop software interfaces with my Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto) very nicely.
- I see the same piece that broke in my first Kodak digicam (DX3600), and I couldn't recharge the batteries (in-camera) anymore.
+ it's a Kodak.

My previous cameras:
My favorite so far has been the Konica Minolta, but it just stopped working after about 6-7 months. I loved the size/dimensions, the huge screen/display, and the speed. But, I just can't trust it anymore. I didn't drop it, or anything. I had just taken a picture, turned it off, and when I went to turn it on for another picture, it was dead.

The Nikon Coolpix L1 was pretty good, but it died on me too, after less than three months. I took it back for a replacement, and then replacement was acting funny after a week. Back it went!

Let's see how this one goes. I'm still looking for a better one though. That perfect digicam MUST be out there.


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