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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sarah the Goat

No, not "GOAT" as in "Greatest Of All Time" (I reserve that for Earl "The Goat" Manigault and Muhammad Ali), but as in "scapegoat". Sarah Palin is a scapegoat.

A lot of Republicans seem to be blaming McCain's loss all on Sarah Palin. Basically, it's "she's dumb", "she a loose cannon", "she too controversial", etc...

Okay, she didn't know Africa was a continent. She doesn't believe in the Greenhouse Effect. She thinks prehistoric man fought dinosaurs. She fumbles and can't give a straight answer. She uses "maverick" WAY too much. This could go on forever.

But the question is... WHO PICKED HER?

She was picked for being a reason. And now that that they lost, they want to blame her for being... "Sarah Palin".

Now she has to go back home to Alaska and deal with all the crap that's come out. If she survives, she should start getting ready for a VP run in 2012. Get some experience, get some knowledge, but DON'T lose the looks.


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