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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Largest

The largest living organisms in the world are plants.

The Great Barrier Reef is coral system near Australia that's visible from space! There's a Honey Fungus in Oregon that's approximately 2400 years old and covers about 2200 acres. General Sherman is a Giant Sequoia in California that has enormous mass. Pando, is a "clonal colony" (many off-sprouting trees, all genetically identical) aspen tree growing in Utah.

But the largest animal, is our old friend, the Blue Whale. I remember seeing one at the Museum of Natural History when I was a child. And that wasn't even the largest one of the species! They can grow to be over 185 metric tons! Kid what!

So now I ask... why is it so hard for me to lose TEN measly pounds!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Three great deals

This weekend I found three great deals.

The first was a pirate sword found at Toys R' Us. It was actually picked up by my son, who said he liked it. We scanned it for a price... ONE CENT! Yes, ONE red cent!

The second was a Magellan Maestro 3250 at Costco for only $150! (after a $50 instant rebate)

This GPS has brought me a step closer to a new hobby, geocaching. I've read about it, and now I get to try my hand at it. I searched for one on Sunday, but kept missing the coordinates. I'm still getting used to it. But, I will get it next time.

And the third is the Nerf Maverick at Wal-Mart. A sweet deal at only $7.99. It's a six shot revolver. A NERF REVOLVER!! I already found a bunch of modifications you can make to it. People love this thing... AND SO DO I! You should get yourself one. It's fun just to hold.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking the (Google) Scenic View

What a perfect captured moment! I just saw this on GoogleSightSeeing, and had to repost it here.

Apparently, some kid sees the Google Mobile, tries to show off for the world and fails. The best is that as you keep going (to the left), zoom in to that rear view and you can see the disaster unfold.

There are hundreds of "moments" like this captured by Google everyday. First browse GoogleSightSeeing, then look for other sights online. Enjoy! I know I do.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Spirit - movie teaser

Please click to view, if I get enough clicks, I could win a trip!

NY Comic Con 2008

The Con. The Comic Con. The NY Comic Con. Awesome.

The NYCC was MUCH bigger this year. I got there around 11am, and there was NO LINE. I was a bit surprised. I almost thought I was in the wrong place, or someone messed up. But no, it was just much better handled than previous years.

Here's a Kodakgallery album of pictures I took. (sign-in required)

This year, kids under 5 were allowed in for free on Fri and Sat. Sunday was "Kids Day" where kids 12 and under were allowed in for free with and paying adult. It seemed to work well, having some events and workshops geared to small kids. Though I think there should be more and bigger events next time.

Two character which I usually keep an eye out for were there: C.C. Banana wearing an Iron Man inspired design on Saturday, while on Sunday, it was Indiana Jones. Also, I saw Captain Schoolgirl making the rounds on Saturday.

I was a bit disappointed with Wizard Universe. Usually they bring out the "Wizard Wheel O' Doom", where a spin (and a trivia question) could win you anything from a toy, to a magazine or comic, maybe a poster, or some physical abuse. At the first NYCC I won a "kidney punch", then last year I won "trade rocks" (punches). This year, there was no Wheel O' Doom, no game of chance, not even a threat of physical violence! Wizard! Who will smite me if you're not there!! I miss you! :(

I saw some VERY cool sneak peeks of a few upcoming movies, namely: The Incredible Hulk (which seems to trump the first movie), Hellboy II, The Spirit (with "Frank Miller-ness" all over it), Wanted and The Dark Knight.

Before I forget, DC displayed four of the Watchmen movie action figures, which looked very cool. I think they are as close to the original designs as movies version should. I just hope that the movie will live up to the hype.