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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Flying Phalluses, Batman!

Garry Kasparov was attacked by a flying penis today. Yes, a flying penis. A trained master penis blocker was there to stop it.

Stop laughing! It's all true. See the video for yourself.

See? I told you.. a flying penis.

Note: Say it a lot. Who knows when I'll get to truthfully say that again. Flying penis. FLYING PENIS! FLYING PENIS!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Custom Maverick

This is what I did with the Nerf Maverick I bought for $8 last week. I made a few mistakes with the sanding, and haven't finished fully painting it, but so far I'm really happy with it.

This is what it originally looked like:

Here are custom jobs others have done:

I can't wait until I get the next one.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Free Will

In "Twilight of the Idols" (Götzen-Dämmerung), Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that the concept of "free will" is an illusion. If there is no free will, then many of our notions about guilt must change. If someone engages in a vice (such as drinking, gambling, violence, etc..) then they did not truly choose those actions.

He stated that the doctrine of free will was created for the purpose of declaring someone guilty. Because they chose to commit whatever actions they took. They were not following some irresistible force.

I find it very interesting because it flips from "choosing" to "following", and implies that not engaging in vices a "wrong". Let's say God wants you to eat a cheeseburger and you refuse because you believe it'll make you overweight. Wouldn't that be a "sin"? Purposely and willfully disobeying God's Will?

Can you blame a ball for rolling down an hill? Did the ball choose to roll down, or was it following certain forces and conditions that are beyond it's control? Imagine seeing a ball roll down a hill, then come to a stop midway down and start rolling back up. What would you think? It would be unnatural. Something that is violating the laws of nature.

It makes me think of old TV shows that depict people in the Dark Ages seeing something that they couldn't comprehend and then started yelling "WITCH! SHE'S A WITCH!! LET'S BURN HER!!" or "THIS MUST BE THE DEVIL'S WORK! LET'S BURN IT!" But I digress..

So if I feel compelled to drink and eat cheeseburgers all day, or just following whatever "inner feeling" I had, could that not be considered "obeying God's Will"? Would I not be doing good? Would I not be making God happy by eating those cheeseburgers?


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Other uses for vodka

I just saw this list of other uses for vodka. It sort of reminds me of that scene in "The Matrix" when Cypher says "It's good for two things: degreasing engines and killing brain cells." A lot of products have interesting other uses. We should research them.

Here's a list of uses for beer. Passing a kidney stone? Whoa.

Update: alternate uses for lots of other stuff.

"Time is going by really really really really slowly."

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, you really really really really should not do it again. Maybe it's a sign.

I personally don't use drugs, but I know some people who "indulge" in that pass-time. And many of them have freaked out more than once during their "recreational career". And I still get amazed when they realize how stupid they seemed, or how bad they freaked out, and STILL keep using.

"Remember that time I thought my eyes were bleeding? And I wanted to pour alcohol directly in my eyes? That was freaky. I really could have blinded myself. I hope that never happens again. Alrighty, I finished rolling this fatty. Let's spark this shyzz up!"

Honestly, I can understand someone thinking that first time was a fluke. But when you've freaked out at least five or six times... It's time to try something different.