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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Promise to his dad

He said,
"Son when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken,
The beaten and the damned?"

He said
"Will you defeat them, your demons,
and all the non believers,
the plans that they have made?"


I'm just a man
I'm not a hero
Just a boy
Who had to sing this song
I'm just a man
I'm not a hero

I! Don't! Care!

We'll carry on!
We'll carry on!

(from "Welcome to the Black Parade", My Chemical Romance - link goes to video)

Wow. It's like some comic book story.

A guy promises his dad that he'll be a hero. And, though he realizes his powers are not enough, he still goes on to keep that promise.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Snapple Fact #185

A male kangaroo is called a "boomer".

But there are other uses of the term "boomer":

Boomer is used as a nickname by:
- Chris Berman, ESPN football analyst.
- Norman Julius Esiason, former NFL quarterback.
- David Wells, Major League Baseball pitcher.

• Experiment #288 from the Lilo & Stitch series.
• A member of the Rowdyruff Boys, male counterparts to the Powerpuff Girls.
• There is a woodpecker on Disney's “The Fox and the Hound” named Boomer.
• A codename used by the superhero, Meltdown (Marvel Comics). She also used "Boom Boom".
• There is a character named Boomer on Battlestar Galactica (in both the original and the remake).
• Nickname of the Mountain Beaver
• There is a 2003 Russian movie about four people running from the law, titled “Boomer” (as in "Beemer", a BMW).
• In the U.S., psychedelic mushrooms are called boomers.
• A ballistic submarine missile (American Navy)
• A boomer is a synthetic life form developed in Bubblegum Crisis.
• Another term used in Bubblegum Crisis, a “boomeroid” is any person who has had more than 70% percent of their body replaced with mechanical parts
• A baby boomer is someone who was born during the period of increased economic prosperity following World War II.
• Name used by a gay film porn star in the early 90's.
• "Boomer Sooner" is the fight song for the University of Oklahoma.
• “Boomers” is the nickname of the Australian National Men's basketball team.
Boomers Parks is a chain of family entertainment centers
• A boomer the nickname for a boom operator of aerial refueling (plane-to-plane).
• Early settlers of the United States Indian Territory (later known as Oklahoma).
• Traveling construction workers, tradesmen, petroleum industry workers, linemen, electricians, railroad workers, etc… who move from place-to-place following temporary or seasonal jobs.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TV is your friend

I'm not ashamed to admit it... I watch TV a lot, and I mean A LOT!

Some people call it the "idiot box", and with good reason, it really can make you stupid. If you just sit there watching cartoons, simple comedy shows or almost any talk show.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jerry Springer. but when I watch his show, my brain off. But there's no way you can tell me that EVERYTHING on TV is bad.

There are some excellent shows for children on PBS Kids and Nickelodeon. The are some great thought-provoking shows on The Discovery Channel, CNN and The History Channel. You can also learn a lot from the various food and home-improvement channels.

Growing up, I know I learned a lot watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company on PBS. And I've seen the same with my own kids, as they watch certain kid shows; singing songs, listening to music, simple counting and spelling...

And besides, television, like a good movie, provides a good mental escape.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rescules is THE MAN!

My daughter, like most girls, plays with dolls. One thing is, her dolls don't wear any clothes. She takes off their clothes, but has trouble putting them back on, so they go naked.

Now an on-going storyline is where all the girls like Rescules (her name for Hercules). Most times, they're kissing him, sometimes they fight over him. But usually, they all share him. And, no matter what Rescules does, they always come back.

The girls' names are: Barbie, Cinderella, Bo, Bo 2, Princess, Miss Winnie, Caroline and Beauty.

Tonight is one of those nights where all the girls are all over him.

That's why Rescules is THE FRIGGIN' MAN!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Last night there was a special screening of "The Warriors" at Coney Island, during the Coney Island Film Festival, at Coney Island's Sideshows by the Seashore. There was a special guest host, Clinton of the Jones Street Boys (big guy in the middle) from the Netflix Roadshow Scavenger Hunt.

A funny moment, in my opinion, is when Clinton says "I know you've all seen this movie... You've all seen it, right?" And there were about 8-10 people who hadn't? I muttered "Well.. welcome to America then."

They wanted this show to be a cross between "The Warriors" and "Rocky Horror Picture Show", with fans wearing costumes, lines from the movie being shouted out, etc.. But it didn't work ouot that way. Hopefully next year.

By the way, I won third place in the trivia constest! I won a "mix tape" CD and a Coney Island 3-D postcard. Second place was my friend, Jen, from The Lizzies (top center). She won a copy of the Coney Island historic DVD that was playing as we entered the theater. And in first place was Wendy, who is a HUGE fan. Wendy won a copy of Sol Yurick's book.

Here are a few pics:

The Guest Host:

The winners!