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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Site to See

See color photos from WWI.
Yes, I said COLOR photos from World War ONE.

How? Color photography was invented by the Lumiere brothers, in 1903.

Quiz: Which superhero/supervillan am I? Posted by Hello

Laugh Whore

My wife (Vilma) and cousin (Marilyn) met Mario Cantone (of "Laugh Whore") Posted by Hello

My cousin with Mario Cantone. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Is this a harmful cheeseburger?"

This is a funny 911 call clip. Some lady called for police assistance because the Burger King staff weren't giving her a correct Western burger. I love the 911 operator's reponse.

Listen to the clip here.

ppththththththththththththth! WHAT!?!

California, the "hippy" state, has a plan to get rid of obesity via... (brace yourself)... STERILIZATION of overweight men!

The idea is that if you deem clinically, obese men to be "inferior" (almost has a hint of "nazi" in it, right?), through sterilization (via a free state-sponsored vasectomy) you can eliminate their genetic influence on the "normal" human race.

Read it here.

What? You have a problem with that? Maybe they'll sterilize anyone who catches a cold? Think of all the money will be saved from unused sick days, healthcare, and orange juice.

Next, people who snort when they laugh. SNIP!!

Update: (2:33 PM)
Although I earlier gave it a quick "once over", to see if it was real, I now think the story is bogus. I'm still investigating.
  1. The domain's info on WHOIS points to:, a news site. Also, the created on date is: Jan 2005.
  2. A google search of "Pacific Northwest Medical Journal" points to:, a news satire site, where it's listed as an advertiser.


Here are a couple of web sites that you may find of interest:

Amaztype: A visual keyword search of Amazon

Babelfish: Altavista's free online translation service

HopStop: Helps you to navigate public tarnsportation (currently, only NYC)

Newseum's Frontpages: The front pages from about 400 newspapers from 42 countries. Also, find links to newspaper sites at OnlineNewspapers.

The Onion: Like the news, but not.

Netflix: Rent DVDs online and receive/return through regular mail. Also, Blockbuster.

Google: Best search engine, plus has a lot of other services, such as Froogle and Google News

Yahoo: get an e-mail account, website, play games, look for a job, shop, see your horoscope, etc..

PayPal: Send/receive money, make auction payments, etc.. via e-mail. Share pictures online, like instant messaging.

MapQuest: Get driving directions. ALso, see Yahoo!Maps.

Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto): Create online albums you can share. An online dictionary, duh! There's a thesaurus as well. Also, try Buy/Sell stuff, get product reviews, make a customized gift registry, get FREE music. Get weather forecasts for your area, or any area.

Fandango: Buy movie tickets online, get reviews.

TVGuide: Your guide to television.

Snopes: Research urban legends, like that e-mail warning you just received.

HowStuffWorks: It's all about... um... how stuff works.

CitySearch: A guide to city living, dining, entertainment, music, events, etc..

ComingSoon: Information about upcoming movies. Also, see Greg's Previews.

WebMD: Health information. Shouldn't that be "illness information"? Book a flight/hotel/car, or just get travel ideas. Also, Orbitz, Travelocity and CheapTickets.

BabyCenter: LOTS of pregnancy/baby/child information and resources.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Some kid in Australia TOTALLY F'ed himself up, WHILE DUNKING A BASKETBALL!!!

I didn't believe it when I first read it, but it's all true! A wall gave way, falling on the boy. All the stuff that fell, cut off both of his hands and a foot.

Read the sad story for yourself.

They've reattached his limbs, and he's looking "good to go". I hope he makes a total recovery.

More articles:

This one has his picture.
This one has a picture of the hoop and part of the wall.

In the news..

Gravity Probe-B is half-way through it's one-year mission. It's looking for distortions in the gravity field around Earth. I love stuff like this, it brings us a step closer to that "Star Trek universe" I wish to live in.

And, as we look upward, and outward; we keep building, bigger and bigger.


It's things like this, the PodShirt, that upset me. I've had ideas like this for a long time, but don't have the time/money/connections/energy/gumption to start a business and make CRAZY money.

Maybe it's me?

I had an idea for clothes that are designed based on function, rather than fashion. Also, clothes based on superheros. Capes, boots, gloves, headgear... the whole nine. It'll work, I swear. ....I think!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mom says...

I've had a little cough for a few days now, nothing big, just a little phlegm and a dry cough.

Well, today I was talking to my mom and she asked how my cough was and if I was gargling. I told her I use Listerine, and she says "Don't do that. Your dad used Listerine for years, and his teeth are all messed up. (note: My dad is almost 70) It had to be the Listerine that did it. You have to gargle with warm water, honey, lemon and salt."

I tried to make a little joke, "Well, he also drank water everyday. Maybe it was that?" She didn't get it, so I said "Nevermind." I didn't want to get a speech.


I had read the original "Credit Card Prank", and laughed. I was funny, and I almost wanted to try it myself, but when you have a family, lawsuits and jailtime are things you don't want to risk for fun anymore.

Now, I recently came across the new "Credit Card Prank II", which actually took it to a new level. Not "to the limit", but further.

PS. He also has a bunch of other pranks, including "The Turnpike Prank," where he tries to get a free trip through the toll.

Too much religion

Religion is good. It can give someone a purpose. For some, it can be a guide to life. How some express their belief can be scary.

Case in point, people who nail themselves to a cross.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Today I went to my godson's 3rd birthday party. On my way there, I stopped off at 7-11 to get a couple of bags of ice. As I was fixing a cup of coffee (my new vice), there was a guy in the store playing ringones on his cellphone, LOUDLY!

Every now and then, he'd look around as if to check to see who was watching him. The lady at the counter kept watching him, and saying something to her co-worker. The co-worker kept going around the store, cleanign up, restocking things, tidying up, but always watching that guy.

I bet if he hadn't been so "obviously obnoxious", they wouldn't have been watching him.

While I agree that he has the right to play his ringtones in public, I don't think he should, nor should everyone else have to hear his music, especially so LOUD!

Happy Birthday Justin!!

this is an audio post - click to play
The kids wishing Justin (my godson), a Happy Birthday at the party.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Today, I went to Circuit City to return some crappy thing I bought on their site. I was next on line, and had a few people behind me, when some older guy (in his 50's) just walks up to the counter and stands there. Like there was no line!

Ok, maybe he didn't realize there was a line. Maybe he thought the line was for some other service. Iwas going to wait a few minutes, to see if the realized on his own. Then he looked back, and I thought "Ok, now he realizes." NOPE! He quickly, too quickly to be casual, turned back around as if he didn't see us. I said "He's not going to cut me. I'll knock him down first." (sometimes the Klingon in me takes charge) So, when the girl at the counter said called for the next person, I walked up to the counter before he could even move. He couldn't turn fast enough because he was trying to ignore the line.

He turned slightly, almost like he was going to try to say something. My elbow was ready, I was ready with my words, "The LINE is back there!" But, fortunately, I didn't have to say anything. The other girl called "next". He can cut off the next guy, but not me.

Moral of the story... Don't cut in line, the person you cut off might be Klingon, and he's itching for you to make a move.

His own art

Meet "Banksy". He's an artist, based in Britain, who likes to "shake things up".

Recently, he walked into four well-known museums here in the big NYC, and hung up his own art. Some of his stuff hung up for a few days before anyone noticed.

Here's page one of the March 24th, 2005 New York Times. (pic is at bottom right)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sleeping fish, No water.

A Filipino grad student came up with a new technology which "puts fish to sleep without the need for water". Sounds stupid? Sounds useless? NOPE!

Basically, this process puts fish to sleep. During this sleep the fish doesn't need water! That's a key point because as the guy said, "Water accounts for 75 percent of the shipment cost, so if that is eliminated, our fish producers could make it big in the international market."

Also, the process is all natural. No dangerous chemicals!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Falling slabs, pic 2

Better picture of the Marshak Science Building. Posted by Hello

This is why people get f'ed up.

You're a girl, sitting in the studio, on live TV... Just hanging out, having a good time. When someone starts to play the video from "The Ring"! Even if it was only a movie... That's not something to do to people.

Someone might be superstitious, paranoid, emotional, "sensitive", or just plain crazy!

Then to top it off, they... just watch what happens. (it's NOT "The Ring" video) The bastards!

Blizzard pic

Just FYI (for your interest)... A picture of one of the smaller blizzards that hit NYC in early March. Posted by Hello

Tsunami did "Bang, Bang"

Tsunami (with the flower) was in a play last week. "Bang, Bang, You're Dead... Oops, I'm Dead Too!"

Here she is with some of her sorority (Gamma Nu Delta) sisters and 2 pledges.
(L to R) Beta Egg 5, Giga,Tsunami, Hope (bottom), Mighty (top), Beta Egg 3 (with cap), and Giggles. Posted by Hello

Falling Slabs at CCNY

At The City College of New York, a slab of concrete fell (appears to be from the 12th floor), and the entire building was closed until further notice. You can see wood panels in place where the slab fell from. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

"Everyone's a winner!" ...literally.

The New York Daily News has a "Scratch N' Match" game with cash prizes of up to $100,000. Lots of people, including myself, follow the game each week hoping to win even one of the smaller prizes.

This past Friday, the paper printed a wrong number. (Read about it here). They printed #13 instead of #12, and BOY, were a lot of people happy! There were $100,000 winners all over the place! One of my co-workers also won. But today, I heard stories from a lot of people about how their friends, and friends-of-friends went out and did crazy things when they learned they won. One person went out and bought tickets to Disney! Another took his whole family out to dinner to an expensive restaurant! Another called a real estate agent to put a down payment on a house!

The paper said they can't pay on everyone's prize, and have said they'll do a random drawing of those who "won" for the available prize amounts. As you can guess, a lot of people are VERY upset. A few have already threatened lawsuits. At least they have better chance of winning now.

You should always wait til you have the money in your hands, or at least that they verified you as a winner.


UPDATE (3/22/05): Now, The Daily News is offering a drawing for just the people won with the incorrect number. $1,000,000 (one million dollars). "More than 12,800 individual cash prizes".

And no one noticed!

Poor Janet, she flashes a nipple, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, freaks out.

But check out this article on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live which featured David Spade's "nose penis" that almost no one noticed!

Audio Post #2 - The Kids

this is an audio post - click to play


Physics is a very interesting subject. Take, for example, the tesseract.

A two-dimensional being (let's call him "Mr. 2D") cannot imagine/envision a cube. If you unfolded that cube, you'd have a cross made of six squares. Mr. 2D could "see" it. But once you begin to re-fold it, the sides would seem to disappear, to him. He'd only see a two-dimensional slice of it. As it spins, he'd see a square that seems to change shape. Mr. 2D lacks the ability to perceive the third dimension.

A tesseract is a "cross" made of eight cubes. When folded, these cubes form a "hypercube". When we look at a spinning hypercube, we'd see a strange shape changes, but it wouldn't make sense in a three-dimensional world. We lack the ability to perceive the fourth dimension.

Caroline's Drawing 2

Caroline's picture of The PowerPuff Girls, being followed by Mojo Jojo and Batman (with the cape). Posted by Hello

Caroline's Drawing

My daughter's drawing of me. Those lines are hair, except for two which are arms (choose any two). I have five nipples and two bellybuttons. There are only two eyes, the other two are nostrils. Posted by Hello

Danny's Drawing 1

My son's drawing of our family. Yes, his sister is a smudge, mommy has giant arms, he has a "Bruce Wayne" haircut, and I'm a potato. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Audio Post #1

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Hurt" Video

A video that I really like is Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" (originally by Nine Inch Nails)

Here's a link to the video.

In it, Johnny Cash wears no makeup, and he really looks his age. There are shots of him in his younger days. The whole tone of the video gives a sense that death is right around the corner. And sure enough, he died not long after making this video. This video was nominated a bunch of times, and won a lot of awards.

I was never a big country music fan, but I will miss "The Man in Black".

Friday, March 18, 2005


If you don't know what they are, I'm not even going to describe them. Just look it up.

Blogs are cool. They can be interesting, they can be funny, they can be "eye-opening", they can useful, they can be stylish, they can be "just plain wrong", they can be entertaining, they can be strange, and they can be boring. But, above all else, they're insights into people's daily lives.

Get one.


Sites linked above:
True Porn Clerk Stories
The Tard Blog
Frozen Rat Blog
Amish Rake Fight
American Alien

Thursday, March 17, 2005

In the News..

A County District Attorney (so you already know it's something serious) wrote letters to 582 parents of truant students. 41% didn't show up! 241 parents missed the meeting! Even though there are legal consequences. Meaning, they can be held responsible, and can be jailed for a year. A YEAR!

Now I know a few will have great excuses, some will have good excuses, a lot will have barely acceptable excuses... BUT DAMN! When you look at the big picture, even if all 241 have great excuses... that's 41% who didn't show up! Sometimes even the best excuse isn't enough. If their children were held back a grade on attendance alone, they'd be up in arms. And, this just looks bad. 41%... FORTY-ONE PERCENT! The excuses don't matter at this point. That's unexcusable, as a group... as a community. It's hard being a parent, you have to go above and beyond. And this shows everyone else, that the parents either don't care, or are irresponsible themselves. That's bad. I'd feel bad, even if I was one of the parents that did show up.

That lso tells me that there's even more work for those children's teachers. That the parents aren't putting enough effort towards their children's education. Teachers need to get paid more.

NewYorkers (not "New Yorkers" because we're not "New" Yorkers, we've been here the whole time)

We NewYorkers (not "NEWYORKER" or "Newyorker") are a different breed. You can't quite pin us down, but once you start to understand us... you'll always know us.

We're rich AND poor, literally, figuratively, emotionally, culturally, metaphysically. We're fast-paced, but don't rush us, God forbid you should ever push us! Or, step on our shoe. We're street-smart, book-smart, and whatever other smart you got. We can be polite and helpful, and we can be pushy and obnoxious, it all depends on the situation and how you ask. We know everything, even when we don't know jack. We can overcome practically any obstacle, deal with any situation, overcome any adversity, but only after we bitch and complain. That's when we realize, or someone makes us realize, and remember, that we're Newyorkers. We're the best, and the worst. We excel to the top, even we "live in the ditches". Things here are interesting, while simultaneously the "common everyday". We've been on constant orange alert, long before there was an "orange alert". Nothing phases us. To paraphrase the old saying, "There are eight billion stories in the naked city... and I've already heard half of them. So your's better be good."

My memory of the Blackout of '77 is a brick sitting on top of a lit stove. The lights had gone out, and my mom had lit some candles. It had gotten a bit chilly in our apartment, and she put the brick on the stove for warmth. Don't ask me how, but it worked. We sat at the window to see what was going on that night. I remember people sitting outside, mostly older people. Some people were walking around like they actually had someplace to go. We listened to the radio. My dad worked nights and my mom was worried about where he was, if he was safe, about how he'd get home... But me and my brother, we just watched what was going on outside. I don't know about my mom and brother, but me, I KNEW my dad would be safe. Not because I was psychic, but because my dad is a NewYorker (even though he retired to Florida). When he got home, my mom asked if he was ok and how he made it home. He had a look on his face like she just spoke in Chinese. He said "What do you mean? I walked home.", like it was nothing but a transit strike. He had even stopped to pick up some milk. "What?"

That's why when the 2003 Blackout happened, I didn't really worry. I'm a NewYorker, and it's just another thing I have to deal with. We set up a couple of chairs outside, had an ice cooler with some drinks and snacks, and took turns sleeping. By and large, nothing really happened. Just a lot of people walking around, stocking up on supplies, having a different New York experience. Oh, I know a lot COULD have happened. But... it didn't.

Besides, we already had milk.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In the News...

Saw this news article about a new zero-emission motorcycle. ZERO-emissions, which means it's a great answer a lot of the engine-emssions pollution problem. So why isn't this going into production right away? What could be holding this up?

It's "too quiet".

The makers are looking to add that "vrroom", because they know too many people wouldn't buy it. "If it doesn't at least sound like a gas-guzzler, it must be weak!" They can't see it as "sleek" or "stealthy".

Sometimes, I hate people.

Some video goodness.

This is funny. Three police are seeing how it feels to be tasered. Look at how they react. Looks like The Three Stooges.

Taser Testing

Giant Frozen Zombie Mutant Rat

During one of the recent, very cold snowfalls, my friend noticed something in the snow outside his office window. Something... odd.

It was a Giant.. Frozen.. Zombie.. Mutant.. Rat!

There are also a few recently, updated pictures from after the snow melted.

I'm still scared.


A friend of mine was moving today, and he asked me to rent a U-Haul truck for him. As the guy at the counter is reading off the usual items off the agreement, when I heard something that sounded weird. And, he said it quickly too.

guy: "tank is full... blah... blah.. fee... $2 per gallon..."
me: "what was that?"
guy: "Oh, that tank is full and we charge $2 per gallon to refuel."
me: "No, before that."
guy: "You mean the insurance?"
me: "No, something about refueling."
guy: "Yeah, it's $2 per gallon."
me: "You mentioned a 'refueling fee'?"
guy: "Oh, yes, there's a refueling fee."
me: "How much did you say it was?"
guy: "It's a $20 refueling fee plus $2 per gallon."
me: "What if it's only short a 2 or 3 gallons?"
guy: "It's a $20 refueling fee plus $2 per gallon."
me: "So it'd be $24?"
guy: "Yes. So make sure to fill up before you bring it in."
me: "Yes... I definitely will."

Twenty dollars! On top of the gas! TWENTY DOLLARS! TWENTY DOLLARS!! Thieves! And it's right on the agreement, like it's a normal everyday thing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Darwin Award Winners

I was watching "Maximum Exposure" aka "Max X", it's one of those home movie/video clip shows. You've probably seen tons of these clips on TV and/or on the Internet. I was watching a "When Animals Attack" type episode. And this is when I get upset with people, as a species.

As a species, we are some dumb, Dumb, DUMB creatures. We do stupid things, and somehow survive to do more dumb, stupid things. One lady is at the zoo with her family, looking at the polar bears and she decides to climb the gate CLEARLY marked "DANGER! Do Not Cross Safety Rail", she stands right next to the cage's bars to take a better picture. What could possibly happen? The polar bear grabs her and almost rips her leg off. What was her comment afterwards? "I was so surprised that he did that?"

Another genius is at a safari, where the animals are free, but you are caged in your own car. He's not getting good enough footage of the lions, so he decides that he'll GET OUT OF HIS CAR! Why not? He's read enough comicbooks to be able to move as fast as The Flash. Does he shoot from right outside his car with the door open? No. There's no challenge in that. He closes the door, walks about ten feet away and focuses on the lions a few yards away. SOMEHOW one lion gets behind him and attacks him. The guy is mauled, and is almost killed. I think he lost an eye, part of a leg, and is partially paralyzed, after spending a few days in a coma. His comments afterwards, "I thought I had the situation under control. Wow, those lions really are some dangerous creatures!"

And those were just two! It was a whole hour of idiots. The worst part is that most of them survived to pass their "superior genetics" on to future generations.

People like that need to shoot for the Darwin Award for the betterment of all mankind.

Beware the Ides of March...

It's now the "Ides of March", BEWARE!

The Greek astrologer, Spurinna gave Caesar the famous warning. So on March 15th, Caesar decided to stay locked up in his place, to avoid the danger. But some friend convinced him that it was stupid foolishness. So Caesar went to hang out at the Senate (maybe there was a party?). On his way there, he meets Spurinna and comments "The Ides have come." Spurinna, being a wise ass says "But they are not past." Caesar, continues on, and is later assassinated.

That's how it is, when you let your guard down, that's when they get you. When you're on vacation, and all trusting of the good times and good people, someone swipes your wallet. You decide to play three card monty because "you figured the guy out", that's when someone in the crowd swipes all your money.

Never let your guard down! If you keep your mind "on point", you'll see it coming every time. Suckas beware!

Dope Sick Love

I just saw this documentary entitled "Dope Sick Love", about two drug-addicted couples and how they go through life. Three things that I took note of:

1. One of the women says how drug addicts go through lots of money, but are always broke. SHe mentioned how she's made over $1200 in the last nine days, but "doesn't have enough to buy a pack of cigarettes". That's a lot of money, kind of like your average successful stock broker... another type of addict.

2. The same woman, picks up johns and "busts" them. After they give her money, she flashes a fake badge and says "You just gave money to an undercover officer." The johns are usually so scared, they don't realize 1) it's a MINATURE fake badge and 2) she LOOKS LIKE A CRACKHEAD. She then says "You wanna deal? Or, you wanna spend five grand going to court?", and proceeds to try to get a "donation for an orphanage the city is building". I'm surprised no one has caught on to her and beaten her.

3. One of the guys shoots up in a bathroom stall in some department store. When he's done, he cleans his needle with toilet water! TOILET WATER!! He rinses it out three or four times. Which reminded me of this one time, when I worked as a porter (cleaning man) at Penn Station. I saw a homeless guy washing his face with water, and rinsing his mouth from the water flowing down in the urinal. I said "Yo, just use the sink." The homeless guy responded "No, that's dirty. This is clean." Of course, I looked at him like he was crazy. He told me his reasoning. "You guys only clean the sink once, but you clean the urinals three or four times a shift." How can you argue with that reasoning? You don't, BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

The BMF list

Another list, except this one is still currently being constructed.

In "Pulp Fiction", Jules (Samuel Jackson) carried a wallet that said "Bad Mother Fucker" on it. Now you have to be one to carry one. If not because of some unwritten rule out there, then because you know someone will make fun of you and you'll have to prove you're one.

Someone ("The Lizard King") has made a list of his own top 100 picks. I don't agree with many of them, but many are still on point, even if within their own "world".

Without further ado, I give you: The Bad Mother Fucker List

TV Theme Songs list

I love these "top 100" lists.

Here is Retro Crush's Top 100 Tv Theme Songs

I guess I'm dating myself, but.. I remember so many of these! Ok, some I couldn't remember right away, but once I heard a bit.. I was singing right along.

Now, they're not all old. You have The Simpsons, Star Trek and Spongebob Squarepants in there along with Sesame Street, The Brady Bunch and Good Times.


The Cube at Astor Place (NYC) is gone!! Where did it go? That thing has been spun by so many! It's a landmark.

Read about it here (with picture of empty space), and make sure to read the update.

Come back, Shane! Come back...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Starting..... NOW!

Ok, I finally decided to get started on this blog. I'll just post about this or that. So for my first REAL post...

Sin City is coming out on April 1st. It was a great graphic novel (comic book), both as a story as well as visually amazing. And the best part is, the movie will look like the book! So expect to see a movie that doesn't look like a movie. Now I'm not a big Mickey Rourke fan, and I haven't liked much of his work, but in this movie, he looks exactly like Marv, and I think he'll pull it off well.

So far, every actor is a very good choice, visually. Frank Miller as "Priest", not sure if that's the character's name, or what he is, but... whoa. As for how they act... we'll see April 1st. The women.. HOLY COW! They look awesome.