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Monday, September 22, 2008


I was checking my email on Yahoo, when I saw a link to an article about Racism in America. The article discusses how people of different races consider the issue. White Americans think racism has almost died off, whereas Black Americans (yes, I said "Black Americans", deal with it) believe that racism is still alive and well. And there's a link to another article on race and the elections. But I kept going back to the image that was posted for the link on Yahoo.

I like the composition of the photo, white woman, black woman, back to back, American flag in the background, they almost seem like mirror images of each other... I think it fits the article nicely. But what really struck me about the image, is that the two women, while "opposites", on "different sides of the fence" and seeming "at odds"... are both beautiful, attractive women.

WHO CARES WHAT RACE THEY ARE? Seriously, if you see a good looking woman and her race (and her race alone) makes you say "Nah, she's not all that." then you got issues.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

NYC on Tap

I was just reading about this new company named TAP'DNYC that's selling bottle of NYC tap water.

Part of their manifesto reads:

"Year after year, bottled water companies have told us that their water was somehow healthier or better for us than our own water. They spent billions of dollars on marketing to make us believe that we needed exotic water, in sleek packaging, from far away Arctic glaciers, tropical islands, and European volcanoes.

We fell for the fancy marketing gimmicks, too, and the brands we drank started to become status symbols.

I thought, "This is a great idea! I love tap water. People should drink tap water more often."

I saw this: "We offer an honest and local alternative to thirsty New Yorkers, giving them a smarter choice: to drink their own (award winning) water." and a link to order bottles by the case.

Now I'm thinking "I wonder how much they're charging? Must be like 50 cents a bottle, since it's just their own cheap plastic bottle." There's no price on the page of "Products". I click "Add to cart", and... 24 bottles for $36!!

Are you F#@%ING crazy!?!?!

I pay a dollar for a bottle of Poland Spring at the store! An ICE COLD bottle of Poland Spring to boot. You want me to pay $1.50... AMERICAN DOLLARS... for a bottle of WARM... New York City... TAP water?!? NOW, you're worse than those other bottled water companies. I MIGHT understand if the bottle was a VERY nice reusable bottle that somehow made it easier for me to get refilled in a lot of stores around the city. But... damn!

Seriously, to be real... I could BUY two (maybe three) plastic bottles at any 99cent store, and fill it up straight from the tap, and it'd be better. It would, at the very least, be colder (if I let the tap run) than a warm bottle from a delivered case.

I almost feel dissed. Like this company just tried to take my money. I feel like throwing rocks at them. Not for real, but if you're a NY'er, I know you know how I feel.